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Our story...

In 2014, three individuals took the initiative of providing weekend Arabic language lessons for children in Riverton. The starting day was exceptionally unpredictable, with 44 students and 26 parents waiting at the location to enrol their children. Since then, the initiative has served more than 350 children and 187 families. Some children who benefited from the social initiative have become adults; others have already married and started new families. Since Arabic is a universal language for 1.8 billion worldwide, the initiative followed an inclusive policy to provide the service for residents of Western Australia who come from 21 countries of 29 ethnicities and with different religious backgrounds.

Within the realm of social evolution, the initiative evolved to include social gatherings, traditional marriage celebrations, and intercultural exchange. The initiative then transformed into the

Arabian Heritage Association Inc.

Our Values and objectives

The founders took a strategic stance based on the following principles

  • Social inclusion.

  • Multiculturalism.

  • Intercultural harmony.

  • Antidiscrimination.

From these principles, our main incorporated objectives emerged:

  • To promote cultural harmony and pluralism between the different cultures comprising the WA society.

  • To promote peace, understanding and respect among all people of WA.

  • To promote solidarity between the Arab and Muslim communities and the indigenous people of Australia.

  • To promote dialogue supporting cultural and religious understanding.

  • To raise public awareness on environmental issues, discrimination, racism and human rights.

What we do 

For more than 5 years, we have been organising fortnightly community gatherings, in addition to Eid (Muslim feast) gatherings. We have set up the traditional marriage register (without neglecting the Australian Civil Marriage). We provide services to new immigrants helping them settle and give them emotional and cultural support.

Upcoming events

Here we announce upcoming events. 

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